Details This collection has been created with materials found in nature, creating symbols and emphasizing natural contrasts. Material The unique shapes, created by hand are the essence that characterises the El Zorro hats. Both the straight, rigid line of the brim, and the personal design of the hat body, reveal the designers unique nature. The materials used, such as high quality silk and linen, add style and elegance to the designs. The personal techniques used in creating the hats guarantee the exclusive form, rigidity and longevity of the hats, giving them a quality that is second to none. The variety of designs, materials used, details and beautiful lining make these hats unique and irreplaceable. *We also offer a bespoke design service where we can create the perfect hat taking into account our clients special requirements, to discuss a design in particular get in touch info@elzorrohats.com


  • Spain in 2-3 Business days with UPS Express Saver
  • Europe in 4-5 Business days with UPS Express Saver
  • International in 5-6 Business days with UPS Express Saver


  • Handcrafted in Barcelona with high quality sustainable Materials.
  • Express Worldwide Shipping.
  • Return Policy for collection hats
  • 100% Recycled Packaging.




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