Details 2021 Capsule ECO LIFE collection. A step closer to a fully sustainable and ecological planet. Our Eco life hats are our newest addition to the collection and are 100% ecological and sustainable. The hat base is made from responsibly sourced merino wool, we have replaced the leather interior hatbands with ecological handmade cork material. All the details are made from recycled and natural materials. Each hat displays a magical sacred symbol, to help protect, give strength and confidence to the wearer. The hats are beautifully soft and comfortable and a pleasure to wear. We are proud of our new initiative to respect and protect our planet, whilst at the same time creating unique and stylish pieces that will not go unnoticed!


  • Spain in 2-3 Business days with UPS Express Saver
  • Europe in 4-5 Business days with UPS Express Saver
  • International in 5-6 Business days with UPS Express Saver


  • Handcrafted in Barcelona with high quality sustainable Materials.
  • Express Worldwide Shipping.
  • Return Policy for collection hats
  • 100% Recycled Packaging.




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